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ASEIC News Korea-Norway Business Networking Day hosted in Norway

11 Jul 2019

ㅇ On June 12th, ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC) hosted the Norway-Korean Business Networking Day in Oslo, Norway along with Innovation Norway

ㅇ The program comprised of 1:1 business meetings with 8 Korean SMEs, and 20 startups from Norwegian and Korean participated IR pitching events for securing investments from investment companies of both countries.

ㅇ Minister of SMEs and startups, Youngsun Park said that “the driving force of Norway’s marine industry, fishing industry, and oil and gas industry is based on the entrepreneurial spirit of Vikings who used to face the sea to find opportunities” and claimed that “the Ministry of SMEs and Startups will be a strong supporter until Korean SMEs expand their business to Northern Europe and the world based on the venturous, entrepreneurial spirit of Norway.”

ㅇ State Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marianne Hagen, said that she “welcome Korean startups, SMEs, and investors and hope that Korean companies actively use Norway as means for expansion into the European and Global market”

ㅇ Shipping, new renewable energy, IT, bio, and environmentally friendly startups participated in the event. The Korean Venture Capitalist Association and the Norwegian Venture Capitalist Association also participated in the event, seeking out investment attraction consultation sessions and communications between the two association after pitching from the startups. 

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