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ASEIC News Norway-Korea Business Networking Day

22 May 2019





June 12 (Wed), 2019



for the  

Norway-Korea Business Networking Day



10 Korean SMEs,
 20 Norwegian and Korean Startups,
12 Korean Venture Capitalist, 
and Norwegian Venture Capitalists and Accelerators



Oslo Science Park, Oslo, Norway
(Forskningsparken, Gaustadalléen 21, Oslo)


Organized and sponsored by







in cooperation witth



PROGRAM for the 
Norway-Korea Business Networking Day
June 12 (Wed), 2019 l 5th floor of Oslo Science Park, Oslo, Norway

Morning : Business 1:1


10H00 - 12H00


1:1 Business Meeting (see the list of Korean SME for meeting with them)


12H00 -12H30

Lunch and Networking


Afternoon :  Ceremonies  and Startups’ Pitching for VCs                              


12H30 - 12H50 
  Opening Ceremony 
  - Opening Remarks (Youngseon Park, Minister of Ministry of Startups and SMEs, Korea)
  - Congratulations Remarks (Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, Minister of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Norway)
  MOU Signing Ceremony

13H00 -13H50
Key Notes 
Korea-Norway R&D Fund Opportunity for SMEs and Startups 
  - Korean Eco-System in Korea and market opportunity in Korea
  - Norwegian 
Venture Capital and fundraising in Norway (Rikke Eckhoff Høvding, NVCF)
  - Norwegian Startup Eco-system and doing business in Oslo (Siw Andersen, Oslo Business Region)

 14H00 - 16H00

Startup Pitching  (10 Korean and 10 Norwegian Start-ups)

 16H00 - 17H00
  Networking Party

? How to Participate in the Event ( Contact to  Ms. Jeongeun Oh,

 Norwegian Startups: prepare your pitch to Korean and Norwegian VCs!
   please send your email regarding your participation with application to Ms. Oh Jeong Eun (Due: 28th)
Application Download

- Norwegian VCs, Business Angels, Accelerators and Public Institution:

- Norwegian Enterprises for 1:1 Meeting with Korean SMEs


Appendix: Korean Business Delegation

Korean SME List


Matching Category

Company Name  (Homepage)



Shipbuilding; Maritime industry


Marine lantern; Buoy; Wave height buoy / Aid to Navigate; Underwater Construction; Weather Service; Electricity IT; Research and Development


Shipbuilding; Others


25.9 ft -Full electric propulsion fishing boat; Car lock; Floor grid system; Ceiling grid system; Honeycomb panel; Gyro-Stablizer


Shipbuilding; Renewable energy


Ship Components, Steel structure production, Onshore offshore plants / Steel cutting, Milling, Bending, Rolling, Welding, Portal pressing, Automatic Angle welding. Shipbuilding


Shipbuilding; Renewable energy

KHAN Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Newbuilding and Repair Shipbuilding; Shipbuilding & Offshore Structures; Eco-friendly Renewable energy; Aluminum Boat Construction


Shipbuilding; Others


Painting of ship components; Building and selling caravan / Painting and coating treatment, technical patent for internal painting measuring devices in tubes, two applications for caravan design patents, two applications for caravan technical patents


Electronic vehicle

DSP Co., Ltd.

Variable Valve, SCR-MIXER, Electric Charger for electric-Vehicle / Laser Welding Technique, Electroplasticity


ICT; Health

Techheim Co., Ltd.

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) / PACS is a system that stores all the types of images produced in a hospital such as CR, DX, CT, MRI, and US, by using DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)


Others (Atmospheric Environment)


Microwave-assisted VOCs remove system and desiccant system Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO) and Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer (CTO) etc. air pollution control systems


Shipbuilding, Maritime, Renewable

World Energy Co. Ltd.

Absorption chiller, absorption chiller-heaters, absorption heat pumps, absorption chillers for ships, heat exchanger for fuel cells


Electronic vehicle

CMT Co., Ltd.

Precision Parts (Electronics parts, Linear Guide, etc); Cutting tool parts (Screw, Lever, Wrench, etc) / Metal Injection Molding; x-treatment

Korean VC List

Investment Company Name


Interesting Sectors

Premier Partners(KVCA)

ICT, BIO, Healthcare, O2O, etc

Solidus Investment

K&Investment Partners


L&S Venture Capital Corporation

Smilegate Investment

Kolon Investment

ES Investor

We Ventures


IMM Investment

KB Investment

Korea Investment Partners

Daesung Private Equity

ID Ventures

Korean Venture Capital Association

Korean Venture Capital Association


Korean Startups List

No Business Category Company Name Web Site(Homepage) Product/Sevice
1 ICT CUBE AI Autonomous Valet Parking
2 Clean Tech Arun Co., Ltd Water filtering technolgy with semiconducting technology applied
3 Game Kinetic Lab Inc. Game based on motion sensing technology and wearable device
4 ICT SCALARDATA.CO.,LTD Electric vehicle charging connector
5 ICT o2o inc TV controllable AI Speaker
6 Health EXOSYSTEMS Wearable robotics rehabilitate solution
7 Health Rootee Health Inc Autommatic non-mydriatic examination device
8 ICT Dtonic Big data/ Marchine learrning
9 ICT MindsLab
Sofatware of AI, Machine learning, Deep Learning, AlaaS
10 ICT Contec ground system in the space and defense application

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