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ASEIC News ASEIC held Eco-Innovation Capacity Building Seminar in Cambodia

20 Nov 2017

ASEIC held Eco-Innovation Capacity Building Seminar in Cambodia
To Raise Awareness on Eco-Innovation and Enhance Firmer Cooperation with MOE in Cambodia by signing MOUs

ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Centre (Chairman, Myung Ki SUNG) held the ‘ASEM Eco-Innovation Capacity Building Seminar’ for two days from 7th to 8th November at the Himawari Hotel in Phnompenh, Cambodia. The main purpose of this seminar was to share Korea’s experience in introducing the eco-labelling system and to... strengthen s awareness on eco-innovation for Cambodian SMEs in the sector of textile and food processing, based on the preliminary demand survey.

Ministry of Environment (MOE) in Myanmar supported this program, as part of effort to strengthen mutual cooperation within the ASEM channel. In addition, ASEIC and MOE signed MOUs on further mutual support and cooperation during the morning session on 7th November. Through this MOU, two organizations will strengthen its cooperation on mutual support for adoption and dissemination of eco-innovation practices and promotion of eco-efficiency.

During the seminar, lectures on the global eco-market trends and eco-labeling system had been provided for the first day, targeting government officials and policy makers. Environmental management, production efficiency related cases and eco-innovation strategies for SMEs were introduced on the following day. More than one hundred fifty representatives from SMEs and government sectors participated in this seminar. ASEIC invited Korea’s distinguished experts to provide specified eco-innovation modules as part of effort to expand eco-innovation horizon in Cambodia.

ASEIC is an inter-governmental body that raises eco-innovation-related awareness, facilitates relevant technology cooperation and exchanges information that promotes eco-innovative growth primarily for SMEs in the ASEM region. Since its launch in 2011, ASEIC has contributed in helping SMEs to respond to climate change by sharing know-how on low-carbon growth and good practices that minimizes environmental effect within the ASEM channel.

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