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ASEIC News ASEIC held Eco-Industrial Cluster Capacity Building Seminar For Malaysia

20 Nov 2017

ASEIC held Eco-Industrial Cluster Capacity Building Seminar For Malaysia
To Expand Eco-Innovation Horizon in Malaysia Focusing on Industrial Cluster Approach

industrial symbiosis network and relevant incubating cases, as well as related experience that covers eco-innovation features like optimization of energy and material flow in the cluster. Based on a preliminary demand survey, this program had been developed focusing on around 40 related stakeholders who can be involved i...n the introduction of EIP in the future. This seminar is expected to bring positive impacts on building a common ground for EIP in Malaysia and help stakeholders to set up relevant strategies.

The Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) has supported this program and ASEIC and SIRIM have strengthened cooperation since signing an MOU in 2014 in Malaysia on mutual support for eco-innovation dissemination. ASEIC is an inter-governmental body that raises eco-innovation-related awareness, facilitates relevant technology cooperation and exchanges information that promotes eco-innovative growth primarily for SMEs in the ASEM region. Since its launch in 2011, ASEIC has contributed to helping SMEs to respond to climate change by sharing know-hows on low-carbon growth and good practices that minimizes environmental effect within the ASEM channel. In 2017, ASEIC has been providing diverse capacity building programs customized for each country’s demand through the preliminary surveys.

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