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Environmental reports aim to offer the major environmental policy trends of each country, measures taken, environmental technologies, and experts' analysis on the responses of businesses, including environmental strategies, organizations, management systems and effectiveness, in order to help businesses easily understand the methods that can be used to improve the environment, the results of their actions and responses to environmental regulations.

  • Provide guidelines for international environmental regulations and information onresponses of countries or businesses
  • Provide information on environmental management and the objectives of businesses through cases, and information on corporate social responsibilities and sustainable management through the introduction of environmental impacts and results
  • Provide information in consideration of the entire process rather than a single process of products or services of businesses
  • Provide information on environmental trends that affect the global trade environments

The description for the Environmental Reports consists of Title, Date of registration, Industry, Country/Region, Regulations, Date of publishing, Issuing organization and Description and Link source.