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The need for production and consumption of Green Products

Given the long-term impact of climate change and global warming, the call for the production and consumption of green products becomes even more urgent and necessary. The growing momentum to promote the use of green products only proves that people are already accepting the fact that climate change is no fad. We are more aware about it now than in the past because the effects are more apparent today. This trend creates a huge niche for both environmentalists and entrepreneurs to come up with innovative solutions that would change people's mindset toward the environment by introducing new eco-friendly products in the market. This trend is envisaged to change human consumption in the long term, thereby instilling a paradigm shift that would enable consumers to act as environmental stewards as they patronize eco-products to help achieve environmental sustainability.

How Green Products can be defined?

Green products generally use eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient means of production, thereby causing less or no detrimental impact on the environment. Eco-friendly products do not contain harmful elements that might pollute the ecosystem and the production process of which does not result to any toxic by-products or negative externalities. Moreover, green products are usually biodegradable and made from recyclable materials. They also conserve energy by promoting renewable or natural energy sources and low-maintenance energy requirements.