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ASEC : ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center

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Advisory Services

Implement, facilitate and support environmental consulting services between consultants and SMEs in ASEM member countries, while providing necessary information and guidance for eco-friendly, innovative business practices. Operate the ‘Green Business Center’ for SMEs in ASEM member countries desiring to expand their businesses in specific countries by providing office facilities and possible local consulting services.

Knowledge Sharing

Provide up-to-date global environmental news and issues to SMEs of ASEM member countries by operating a online web page. Share eco-innovation cases in technology, policy, and business as well as supply chain management.

Outreach and Communications

Hold international conferences designed to exchange the best policy and business practices from ASEM member countries. Strengthen economic and institutional partnerships among ASEM member countries. Publish reports on the best examples in eco-innovation and to promote eco-friendly products and appropriate technology. Release publicity materials and publications to maximize awareness of our key activities.

ASEM Eco-Innovation Consulting : Greening SMEs

Eco-Innovation Consulting helps SMEs in developing countries to better respond to environmental impacts by supporting them in their adoption of eco-innovative technologies and management.

ASEM Inclusive Eco-Innovation Program : Realizing inclusive green growth for local communities

The ASEM Inclusive Eco-Innovation Program fosters the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development through transfer of appropriate technology specifically tailored to the actual conditions of rural communities and to the needs of local people.

ASEM Eco-Innovation Index : Realizing a sustainable future for Asia and Europe

The ASEM Eco-Innovation Index (ASEI) fosters more in-depth understanding among ASEM member countries of their current eco-innovation status (progress and limitations), knowledge which helps them to implement and promote more effective eco-innovation policies and strategies.

ASEIC Global Forum : Sharing experience and knowledge on eco-innovation

The ASEIC Global Forum provides governments, international organizations and businesses a valuable venue to discuss concrete measures that can be taken in the pursuance of the successful eco-innovation of SMEs in Asia and Europe.

- Asia-Europe Environment Forum (ENV Forum)
- ASEM Working Group on the Eco-Innovation Competence of SMEs

Green Business Center : Accelerating business potential based on green business strategies

The Green Business Center (GBC) provides various supportive mechanisms to the SMEs of ASEM member countries that wish to enter the Indonesian market in the areas of eco-innovative technology and manufacturing, mobilizing the green economy.