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ASEC : ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center

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The Green Business Center (GBC) provides various supportive mechanisms to the SMEs of ASEM member countries that wish to enter the Indonesian market in the areas of eco-innovative technology and manufacturing, mobilizing the green economy.

The Indonesia GBC was established through an MOU between the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of Indonesia (KUKM) and the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) of Korea. ASEIC operates the GBC under a mandate by these two government agencies.

The GBC provides SMEs that wish to enter the Indonesian market with professional advisory and consulting services, administrative services, and infrastructural (e.g. office space) and other supports to assist in their successful settlement in the country.

The GBC aims to become the center of entrepreneurship development and technology exchange, and will continue to be proactive in its efforts to foster business partnerships between the SMEs of Indonesia and Korea as well as other ASEM member countries. ASEIC plans to establish GBCs in other ASEM member countries in the near future, thereby fostering the center as a representative institution of ASEIC, leading initiatives for green growth.

* For more information, please contact the GBC website for


The GBC is always seeking for SMEs from ASEM member countries.

Tenant SMEs will benefit from consulting services on legal or accounting issues as well as eco-innovation and GBC's wide range of local network. Office facilities including personal office space, free internet service and office supplies, a conference room etc. will also be provided as well.

We recommend you to grab the opportunity.

If interested, please kindly refer to the following details of the program.

Application Process

1. Download an application form and an application guide from the ASEIC website.

2. Submit the application form and a detailed business plan to the designated e-mail.

After scrutinized paper screening (if needed, actual inspection will be conducted), selected SMEs will be contacted. If you need further information, please feel free to contact the ASEIC office.

- Mr. Kim, Jung ho / Assistant Manager - E-mail : - Phone : +82-31-628-9607